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[Rules] Skin & Review on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:21 am


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Quick Rules

  • Bump only 72 hours (Request not bumped in 5 days will be locked.)
  • Only administrator ( of the forum) can request a review
  • Don't annoy reviewers

What are they?

The first thing one notices when on a a web page are the graphics. Starting with the banner and the navigation menu. It is therefore favorable for a forum to have a reasonable design that also matches its theme. There's no point in having a flashy light design for a vampire forum for instance.

This aspect involves looking over at the how many staff/user groups there are, the staff/user activity, the number of messages posted on the forum and number of users on the forum.

Design/Theme & Lay out:
The design and layout give an impression of the site as a whole. If the categories are well placed or not make more of a difference then one would first think.
Design and Layout also takes into account several other variants such as the permission settings for instance. Permissions serve to choose who goes where and what stays private, hence a good use of these can thus enhance and/or simplify your forum management. Also describes mostly with the theme, colors and organization of the forum.

Quick Review:
This criteria describes a quick/fast review which means a reviewer quickly glances at the forum and describes their first impression on the activity, color, organization, language etc.. of a forum and is written only in 1 paragraph with only a few sentences on it, this may be written in bullets describing also all the pros and cons of a forum.

How to Submit Your Forum Review:

Name of the Forum: Information Here
Address: Information Here
Area's you wish the reviewer to review: Information Here
Your Name on the board: Information here

[color=#883D3D][b]Name of the Forum:[/b][/color] Information Here
[color=#883D3D][b]Address:[/b][/color] Information Here
[color=#883D3D][b]Area's you wish the reviewer to review:[/b][/color] Information Here
[b][color=#883D3D]Your Name on the board:[/b][/color] Information here

Have any questions about the requirements/rules please feel free to post on the [Only Topic]

bye, irian

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