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[4th] Brush-Land = Full Review [Forumotion] on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:00 pm



Brush Land

I'm going to be reviewing your forum with Windows XP latest & updated version of OS, 1680 x 1050 pixels resolution and Mozilla Firefox 5.0 web browser (I see that you prefer Firefox for browsing your forum, so be sure the review will be on a high level of quality). I also want to say that I haven't meant to be rude, or insult you or your form by writing this review. I just wanted to point out flaws and mistakes that, by my opinion, should be corrected or replaced. So, no rudeness and insulting of any kind intended. Also, forgive me my grammatical and tense mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker, it's my second language and still improving it.

First Impressions - Good

When I first entered the forum, I was unpleasantly surprised with automatic background music. That’s a very big NO! Why? Firstly, because many people listen to music while browsing, and when the song that visitor listens starts to mix with your song, it becomes very uncomfortable. Secondly, there isn't a music player anywhere, so it's practically impossible to turn the music off while browsing - annoying. Thirdly, as for the law, I think that you aren't allowed to play or redistribute music of any kind if you don't have written permission of the author, or you haven't bought out the copyrights. The other thing I wanna point you to is the co.cc address - it isn't very wise to use it because Google and other search engines rarely index it, so you won't have a high position on the ranks. As for the design, there is too much empty space in the header, and also in the second forum column, where last post is. You should cover it up with something, or make the forum less wider, so it can fit well. The background gives pleasant and colorful effect, and also the neutral grey color for the forum body which is fantastic for reading the content. The icons fit well into the whole forum design and are very modern. Everything is competent with new web standards, which is positive impression. All in all, the music 'spoils' the impression, while everything else is very positive and modern.

Graphics & Layout - Excellent

I'll start from the background, which is, by my opinion, very colorful and cute, tough I am a bit disappointed of not being able to see the full colors of it, just red, yellow and pink hues of it. As for the header, it is made like some type of collage with simple message. The eye-pricking thing is too much empty space in the header, which can be fixed by making the forum less wide, so you can at the same time get the space around 'last posts' smaller. The impressive is the fantastic use of various scripts, like the partner one, social network and feed, and chat-box. I'm not big supporter of having you whole forum written in one not-web-safe fonts, because many users use old and outdated browsers which don't support new @font-face fonts. You can use web safe fonts for your body, and it will look modern and neat, too. The 4 forums in 1 category system is already seen but it fits in well with the rest of the design. Icons are very good and modern and deserve the praise. Summary - good and modern design, but work on the fonts, and use CSS3 effect less, because you have too many effects for a good taste. I’ll give you the excellent rank, just because I can see that you’ve worked hard.

Forum Activity - Good

The forum exists for 2 or 3 months, not so sure when exactly was made, so that activity is good, considering 93 members and 1700+ messages. But besides staff and partners, there are not so many people online in last 99 hours. Maybe it's the summertime, but you should work on that by better advertising, and quality content. It's great that you have banner exchange partners, it helps a lot with getting the new members. My suggestion is to create some design or script prizes, and organize the competition where people will advertise you on forums they are registered at, and in exchange, you'll give the prizes to the most active ones. Also, I don't think it's good that the admin has more than 1/3 of the forum posts, but if you work hard, you'll get more members.

Staff & Usergroups - Excellent

Number of staff is good, considering forum activity. The only thing I would do is delete the technicians group, because support moderators can do everything that techs are supposed to. I see that the red colored members are partners - but I had to explore a bit to find that out. So, I suggest you not to color your partners, because it can confuse the members, but it's not a big deal. The staff is your stronger side, when you forum expands, you'll get more staff.

Originality & Unique Quality - Excellent

Your forum surely isn't the only brush one 'on the web market', but the modern design gives it an unique look and quality. I can see that you have freebies and help part, keep up with that, good & quality content will attract visitors. Continue to be original, and you have a success potential!

4.5 stars out of 5

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