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[3rd] Brush-land review [forumpromotion] on Tue May 24, 2011 9:27 am


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Your Forum Review: Brush-Land

This review has been completed. It will contain useful information and feedback regarding your forum; what is good and how it can be improved. Please note that this review was supplied with the intention of helping you, so please do not feel offended if there are any criticisms. Thank you.

Section 1 - First Impressions

Positive Statements : I liked the layout of the forum. It's more of a Forumotion Help layout, which is nice to see that not everyone is using the same layout.

Negative Statements : I saw that the titles weren't really named. I was a little bit turned away from that. I didn't like some of the stuff that was typed out and some of the icons went off the column.

Suggestions / Improvements : Name the Forum sections and get the images to fit correctly.

Your Score : 15/20

Section 2 - Design

Positive Statements : The forum icons are nice.

Negative Statements : The icons don't fit well with the scheme to me. It seems that they don't belong with the format of the forums. Plus, some of your icons are used for more than one meaning according to your Legend.

Suggestions / Improvements : First off, you should make icons to show the difference between locked and non-locked when you have additional posts that might be there. Also, the icons should fit more with the rainbow concept of the forums.

Your Score : 10/20

Section 3 - Activity

Positive Statements : You do have a good number of members on your site and your posts are recent enough to keep your forum active. You also have 1019 messages, which is extremely good.

Negative Statements : Only 20 members out of your 59 have been on in the last 99 hours. That's about only 1/3 of your total member count. Plus, your Coding Section on your forums is a bit on the inactive side. The latest post on that was 5 days ago.

Suggestions / Improvements :
Base wrote:Increase the activity by encouraging more members to post and to register. In other words, promote some more here. :P

Your Score : 7/20

Section 4 - Staff and Usergroups

Positive Statements : Your Usergroups are specific and to the point.

Negative Statements : You have a lot of usergroups and you only have about 3-4 in each of them. I'm not saying that it's completely bad, but I consider trying to fill them up more. Plus you have a lot of staff members. What I also don't like is that the Admin account is still named Admin. You can change the name of that account you know.

Suggestions / Improvements :
Base wrote:Don't hire any more staff members until the population of your forum grows. ;)
(Graphic Designers and Technicians should get more people though :P)

Also, a good idea would be to encourage members to share their creations so that way you can give them feedback. This could increase your chances of getting more people into the Graphic Designers and Technicians groups.

Your Score : 13/20

Section 5 - Originality and Uniqueness

Positive Statements : The layout is nice and you have some good images for the main page. You have just the right amount of colors for your text and it looks real nice.

Negative Statements : You lack widgets. If I'm guessing correctly, your not using a layout that gives you that option. If so, then that's cool. I also got bummed when I saw that the chatbox button didn't work. The originality of the purpose is kinda un-original. I mean sure, it's about coding and stuff, but those have been made before. Plus you haven't show any custom features on the forum that give it it's uniqueness. I might be being a little harsh, but this is what I see and my opinion won't change no matter how less harsh I try to be.

Suggestions / Improvements : To make the forum seem more unique, i.e. play around with your php format. Try to add widgets if you can. And offer something that makes your service different than others.

Your Score : 5/20

Review Summary

Your Overall Score : 50
Your Forum Grade : C
Reviewer's Personal Comments :
Base wrote:Your forum isn't bad nor very good and there is some room for improvement. You've managed to obtain a C grade this time and I hope that you are able to push it up to a B next time your forum is reviewed.
You might be another coding and graphic site, but you do have the ability to mix it up and add to the concept.

Review Supplied By : Killer2
Date of Review : May 23nd, 2011

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