[2nd] Brush-land review

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[2nd] Brush-land review on Mon May 23, 2011 9:53 am


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Brush Land

General - Rating - Good
The reviewers first look and thoughts on your forum.

I'm not sure if it's meant to load like the following, but I like how your main banner logo loads in stages so that the rest of the forum can load at the same time without having extravagant loading time for one thing. I like how your forums are set out, and that you have seperate images for no posts and new posts so that they show directly under the image, however they all have a comma next to them. If you have a template set I could tell you how to fix them, otherwise I cannot help with that. I Think that you could also get the word "forum" to show on the banner line above the category if you really tried, and I think it will make your forum look better. Your groups for global moderators are a little too bright, and I think that you need to have them clickable, they are right now, they just don't link anywhere. Also, there's an extra opening tag next to your youtube video which can be fixed. Your forum has improved since last time. You need to also make your posts have better grammar, since you're the leader of the forum, and if people mis understand you then the rules might be broken.

Graphics and Layout - Rating - Good
Includes the smoothness and flow of your graphics with your websites template and how they can be improved.

I love how your main banner uses alot of colors that blend together and form an excellent logo. It's creative, but I think it either needs to be centered or to one specific side, right now it's just drifting in the middle. I think that for your subforum images, the no post image needs to have more space to the left side so that it actually lines up correctly under the forum image. Your navigation bar images are spaced out or not spaced out, they have different amounts of space between the images. I like how alot of your images are custom made, but the reply image saying 'to comment' doesn't make too much sense. I think you're overusing CSS shadows aswell, as there is one under every category, that doesn't really need to be there.

thanks drobga

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Re: [2nd] Brush-land review on Mon May 23, 2011 4:55 pm


not bad :)

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